A dental implant specially developed for immediate extraction-implantation and cases of implantation in low density bone.

Inspired by the philosophy and success of the iconic KontactTM implant, the KontactTM S+ implant has the same features and benefits that have built its renown : Morse taper connection (10°), narrowed, chamfered and micro-structured implant neck, platform switching and atraumatic spherical apex.

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The KontactTM S+ implant has been specially developed for immediate extractionplacement, rapid placement after extraction, and cases of placement in low density bone.


Thanks to the large threading wings which increases the developed surface area, the Kontact S+ allows more effective bone condensation in low-density bone and increase the implant primary stability. The wide fin geometry generates progressive condensation and high primary stability in low density bone or extraction sockets.


With its identical connection as all implants in the KontactTM range, it is the ideal complement.



Surgery kit:
Compact for minimum clutter and maximum storage.
Readable thanks to colour markings for quick reference of instruments.
Practical with a simple and quick opening for easy access to instruments.
Full disassembly for thorough cleaning.
Can be sterilized.


Optimised drills and reamers:

– More efficient coating:
The drills and reamers are protected by an innovative and patented PV coating.

  • Reduced heating of the drill during cutting.
  • Protection against oxidation.
  • Increased cutting quality and delayed wear.


Optimised helix angle:

  • Effortless drilling without vacuum effect.


 Clear marking:

  • More distinct, it enhances visibility and provides for a better assessment of the drilling depth.


KontactTM, Kontact TM N, Kontact TM  S, Konatct TM S+  implants use the same instruments.


  • Implant
    Kontact S+
  • Matière
    Titane Grade 4
  • Cône
    10 °
    (5° en  demi-angle)
  • Surface
    de contact du cône 20mm²
  • Filetage interne
  • Cylindro-conical implant
  • Atraumatic apex spherical
  • Wide fins
  • Micro-structured surface to the interface to encourage the bone apposition

Material :
In grade 4 titanium, it has excellent mecanical properties


SALES documentation


Kontact S+ brochure

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Kontact S+ user manual

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Technical documentation

Client claim form

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Guarantee Protocol for Dental Implants

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Cleaning and sterilisation recommendations

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Biotech Dental warranty

 Biotech Dental Quality certificate

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EC Certificate

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Biotech Dental warranty programme

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We are certified by the GMED which is the Notified Body by the French competent authority for medical devices n ° 0459


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Class 1, 2a and 2b medical devices aimed for dental implantology. CE0459. Read the instructions carefully. Images are for representation
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