Result of joint thinking between designers and engineers, the Kontact dental implant range is a collection of innovations in dental implant dentistry. Thanks to its patented connectivity and its varied prosthetic range, it complies with all of your indications.

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Kontact - Biotech Dental




The Kontact dental implant has a cylindro-conical profile that is conducive to gradual bone condensation.


Surface Increaser:
Its secondary net increases the surface area and provides for an optimum distribution of pressure on the bone environment.


Constant Leaf:
The continuous sharp wings over the entire length of the implant optimise stability and the force of insertion into the bone.


STSystem Indexing:
This patented Morse taper type connector has 6 implant settings and 3 abutment settings. This facilitates the insertion of the abutment, which can be repositioned intuitively, quickly and flawlessly.


Morse taper connection:
Its Morse taper type connector prevents the slightest shifting and is sealed tight against bacteria. As such, the Kontact implant ensures excellent stability of hard and soft tissue.

Kontact - implant dentaire - Biotech Dental
Trousse de chirurgie Kontact - Biotech Dental



Surgery kit:
Compact for minimum clutter and maximum storage.
Readable thanks to colour markings for quick reference of instruments.
Practical with a simple and quick opening for easy access to instruments.
Full disassembly for thorough cleaning.
Can be sterilized.


Optimised drills and reamers:

– More efficient coating:
The drills and reamers are protected by an innovative and patented PV coating.

  • Reduced heating of the drill during cutting.
  • Protection against oxidation.
  • Increased cutting quality and delayed wear.


Optimised helix angle:

  • Effortless drilling without vacuum effect.

Clear marking:

  • More distinct, it enhances visibility and provides for a better assessment of the drilling depth.


Kontact and Kontact S implants are using the same instruments.


The Kontact range can create any type of prosthetic implant:

  • Sealed prosthetic with a range of standard abutments, short abutments and temporary abutments.
  • Screwed prosthetic with a range of broad and narrow conical abutments.
  • Removable partial prosthesis with the Kontact Iso-Post system. A real prosthetic advantage, halfway between the sealed and screwed prosthesis, it offers an excellent alternative to the “all-on-four” system and provides a new approach to the sealed prosthesis thanks to the “NoCem” concept.
  • Prosthetic stabilisation with a range of ball attachments and abutment locators.
  • Custom-fit prosthesis thanks to TiBase and scanbody range, and to our machining centre specialised in CAD CAM.


All of our prosthetic parts are available in 5 gingival heights, as well as in different diameters and angulations, so as to always give you more choices!


All of our prosthetic abutments are compatible with  Kontact and  Kontact S implants.

prothèse implant - Kontact - Biotech Dental
prothèse implant - Kontact - Biotech Dental


Demonstration video dental implant treatment


Docteur Yves Perrier : expert de la pose de l'implant dentaire Kontact Biotech Dental

Dr Yves Perrier

Dentist – Montluçon (France)

I have been installing the Kontact dental implant since its inception, with total satisfaction. Due to its exterior design with its specific threads, with differing depth and “beneficial aggressiveness”, this dental implant suits all clinical situations; primary retention is exceptional whether in a post-extraction or existing toothless area. The surgical kit is ergonomically sound and thus provides for very simple placement.

Due to the completeness of the prosthetic fittings, any type of reconstruction can be considered: sealed prosthesis, screwed prosthesis, NoCeM prosthesis with Nano-Post or Iso-Post series (the latter for creating removable partial prosthetics of particular importance in situations where ridges have significantly atrophied in patients who do not wish to have pre-implant surgery.)

Finally the connectivity, with a real Morse taper type conical connection, ensures very good distribution of pressure, within the implant and the bone, exerted on the prosthesis, not to mention a perfect seal between the implant and the prosthetic parts. This makes it possible to safely achieve added osteointegration at the neck of the implant by intentionally burying it into the crest of the bone. This type of conical junction requires an instrument for removing the abutments, which leads me to believe that we are dealing with a one-piece implant in 2 parts.

In cases of immediate implant extractions and immediate loading, the Biotech Dental Kontact is the benchmark in dental implants. Its conical connector (whose contact surface is one of the finest on the market) ensures a perfect seal.
The prosthetic seal and connection are hermetic, a true cold weld, are bacteria-proof, do not allow the slightest shifting or unscrewing, in addition to reducing the risk of periimplantitis. The implant can therefore be positioned in the bone below, so as to predict bone loss in order to perform more aesthetic and durable restorations. The
Kontact dental implant also remains a multi-purpose implant and is easy to use, with remarkable primary grip, as indicated in all clinical cases.

Docteur Philippe Martin : expert de la pose de l'implant dentaire Kontact Biotech Dental

Dr Philippe Martin

Dentist – Lyon (France)

Docteur Elias Khoury : expert de la pose de l'implant dentaire Kontact Biotech Dental

Dr Elias Khoury

Dentist – Paris (France)

In implant dentistry, it’s all about contacts. How to better define the Kontact implant:
– An implant that is tailored to all clinical situations, ranging from old edentulous areas to regenerated sites and immediate implant extractions. Its design allows for maximum contact with the surrounding bone.
– Prosthetic parts synonymous with exemplary reliability and accuracy, reducing, even eliminating, the need for prosthetic maintenance sessions: re-screwing or broken parts.
– A prosthetic system that addresses all types of restorations: from the sealed or screwed prosthesis unit to the more complex sealed, screwed, retained or stabilised prostheses.
– A unique connector that gives this implant a specific nature, originality and simplicity much to the delight of beginners and experts alike.
– A finish of lasting beauty: thanks to the tight and stable gingival sleeve around the abutment. But caution: as for all performance equipment, training is needed for the best clinical results.
Demanding practitioners this is the implant for you…

An overview of what is best in the range of implants with conical prosthetic connections, the Kontact implant has become increasingly prominent since its design in 2008 as the Gold Standard of French implant dentistry. Due to the intrinsic qualities (choice of material, design, surface finish, exceptional mechanical properties), the fact that it offers one of the largest ranges of abutments and prosthetic solutions, and because of its ease of use, it can meet all the extreme and daily requirements of the implant practice. Among the wealth of its applications is the “NoCeM” concept, which, through screw and seal removal, significantly diminishes periimplantitis while maintaining the aesthetic qualities of a sealed prosthesis. This is an implant that will satisfy both the most demanding certified implant dentist and the beginner. To be put in the hands of all!

Docteur Michel Layet - Expert Implant Kontact par Biotech Dental

Dr Michel Layet

Dentist – Menton (France)


Schéma de l'implant dentaire Kontact de Biotech Dental
  • Kontact
  • TA6V
  • 10 °
    (half-angle of 5°)
  • Surface Contact
    of the cone
    20 mm²
  • Internal thread
  • Cylindro-conical implant
  • Self-tapping over the entire height
  • Atraumatic apex ball
  • microstructured surface to the interface in order to facilitate bone apposition

Material :
In grade 5 or TiAl6V4 titanium alloy, in compliance with ISO 5832-3 and ASMT F-136 ELI standards, it has excellent mechanical properties. It is known to be biocompatible and remains the material of choice in the medical field: orthopaedic, dental, maxillofacial surgery implants.


SALES documentation

Kontact Prosthetics brochure

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Technical documentation

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Guarantee Protocol for Dental Implants

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Cleaning and sterilisation recommendations

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We are certified by the GMED which is the Notified Body by the French competent authority for medical devices n ° 0459


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