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Gingival height is calculated using either the test abutments available from the product catalogue,or using a graduated periodontal probe.

Yes, a screw-retained, one-piece zirconia prosthesis can be made directly on the implant without an intermediate abutment.
Yes, it is possible with Denteo CAD CAM solutions.

No. Due of the Morse taper internal connection, it is necessary to use conical abutments for screw-retained prosthetic solutions from two implants..

The design and reliability of our impression transfers have been studied to achieve optimal results.
Nevertheless, the use of Pick-Up transfers (open tray) is recommended for multi-unit reconstructions.

Klip-up impression transfers are designed for single use. They are used like a Pick-Up transfer, but with a closed tray, as they do not include a fixing screw. The Klip-up simply clips into the implant.

The advantages are as follows:

– Quick positioning, no screwing or unscrewing required

– Can be used with a classic open tray

– Low cost.

It is recommended for single reconstructions or small multi-unit reconstructions.

The Nano-Post is a low-cost abutment that is recommended mainly for the posterior region.

Since it locks into the implant, the use of an indexed abutment is recommended to create a sealed bridge system over several implant abutments.

In both cases (indexed or non-indexed), the use of a resin repositioning key is recommended to help position the abutments.

Yes it can, although the abutment must be adjusted homothetically in order to ensure that the ceramic is properly supported.

Yes it can, although the abutment must be adjusted homothetically in order to ensure that the ceramic is properly supported.

Yes, the shoulder limits, crown height and implant angulation may be modified in the laboratory depending on occlusion, vertical size and gingival margin.

No, Nano-Post abutments cannot be modified; it is therefore necessary to check the crown height and the space available to use it.

Both are spherical attachments, but the Sphero Block performs better thanks to its 0°, 7° and 14° directional rings *
which ensure optimal correction of axial divergence.

The Locator® abutment has a low profile (less than 2 mm); it also has 5 different retention force levels and allows up to 40° of divergence between implants.

The reason why there are no castable abutments in the Kontact® range is due to the “Morse taper” connector system.

This connection system requires a perfect junction between the abutment and the implant in order to retain all its mechanical properties (friction, tightness…).

Some accuracy is lost during casting of a castable abutment (due to thermal expansion of the refractory material and also due to post-casting metal shrinkage). Hence, the risk that the abutment is not well suited to the implant connectors.)

The castable abutment may be replaced by an overcastable abutment (KPS) or by an abutment custom-made by Denteo CAD CAM Solutions.

Since the Kontakt® has a unique connection system, the choice of abutment now mainly depends on the healing screw.
For each healing screw reference, there is a matching abutment.

The overcastable abutment has replaced the castable abutment in the Kontact® range (FMC).
It is used to create a customised abutment or screw-retained single crown.
This kind of abutment is made from gold palladium alloy (gold, palladium…).

Protection templates are used during the prosthesis polishing stage in the laboratory.

They serve to protect the junction between the tapered abutment and the prosthesis to keep it as perfect as possible and prevent it from being “attacked” by brushes and polishing products.

As regards the healing cap, it screws directly onto the conical abutment. Its purpose is two-fold: to protect the abutment and to serve as a healing screw during the osseo-integration phase, if the abutment is placed in position on the actual day of surgery.

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