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Result of joint thinking between designers and engineers, the Kontact dental implant range is a collection of innovations in dental implant dentistry. Thanks to its patented connectivity and its varied prosthetic range, it complies with all of your indications.

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Kontact S - implant dentaire - Biotech Dental


The clinical alternative !


This new implant is based on the philosophy of Kontact®, bringing a change in the design of the thread and in the material. In Grade 4 Titanium, its softened thread allows a more progressive anchoring in the bone. The Kontact S® will bring you a «Soft» clinical alternative!


Its progressive thread with spaced turns finds its interest in the neoformed bone obtained following a bone regeneration and in the bone of high density:

  • It is easily inserted in all clinical situations,
  • It contributes to excellent primary stability,
  • It promotes a good distribution of the occlusal loads in the bone.

Kontact S - implant dentaire - Biotech Dental
Trousse de chirurgie Kontact - Biotech Dental



Surgery kit:
Compact for minimum clutter and maximum storage.
Readable thanks to colour markings for quick reference of instruments.
Practical with a simple and quick opening for easy access to instruments.
Full disassembly for thorough cleaning.
Can be sterilized.


Optimised drills and reamers:

– More efficient coating:
The drills and reamers are protected by an innovative and patented PV coating.

  • Reduced heating of the drill during cutting.
  • Protection against oxidation.
  • Increased cutting quality and delayed wear.


Optimised helix angle:

  • Effortless drilling without vacuum effect.


 Clear marking:

  • More distinct, it enhances visibility and provides for a better assessment of the drilling depth.


Kontact and Kontact S implants are using the same instruments



The Kontact range can create any type of prosthetic implant:



  • Sealed prosthetic with a range of standard abutments, short abutments and temporary abutments.
  • Screwed prosthetic with a range of broad and narrow conical abutments.
  • Removable partial prosthesis with the Kontact Iso-Post system. A real prosthetic advantage, halfway between the sealed and screwed prosthesis, it offers an excellent alternative to the “all-on-four” system and provides a new approach to the sealed prosthesis thanks to the “NoCem” concept.
  • Prosthetic stabilisation with a range of ball attachments and abutment locators.
  • Custom-fit prosthesis thanks to TiBase and scanbody range, and to our machining centre specialised in CAD CAM.


All of our prosthetic parts are available in 5 gingival heights, as well as in different diameters and angulations, so as to always give you more choices!


All of our prosthetic abutments are compatible with  Kontact and  Kontact S implants.

Kontact S - implant dentaire - Biotech Dental


Schema Kontact S - implant dentaire - Biotech Dental
  • Kontact S Implant
  • Material :T60 Gr.4B : pure Titanium
  • 10 °
    Cone (half-angle of 5°)
  • Surface Contactof the cone 20 mm²
  • Internal threadM1,4
  • Cylindro-conical implant
  • Atraumatic apex ball
  • Variable pitch thread
  • Self-tapping
  • Chamfered shoulder and micro-structured surface retaining the blood clot and helping bone reconstruction

Material :
With grade 4 Titanium, it offers excellents mecanical advantages



Kontact S Prosthetics brochure

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Kontact S Surgery brochure

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Technical documentation

Client claim form

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Guarantee Protocol for Dental Implants

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Recomendações limpeza e esterilização

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 Biotech Dental Quality certificate

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EC Certificate

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Biotech Dental warranty programme

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We are certified by the GMED which is the Notified Body by the French competent authority for medical devices n ° 0459


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Manufactured by: Biotech Dental
Biotech Dental. A French company under the French law with a capital of 24 866 417 € –
Commercial register Salon de Provence: 795 001 304 – SIRET: 795 001 304 00018 – VAT number: FR 31 79 500 13 04.
Class I, IIa and IIb medical devices for dental implantology. CE0459. Read the instructions carefully.
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