Smilers® fix

Help your patients to keep their new smile with the custom-made retainer Smilers® Fix

The result of a patented system, the Smilers® Fix retainer finalises your patients’ treatment, combining fixed positioning and an aesthetical result.

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The retainer after an orthodontic treatment


Any orthodontic treatment requires a maintaining phase. Without a retainer, even perfectly aligned teeth shift back towards their initial position.
Wearing a retainer after a treatment with aligners helps maintain the new position of the teeth and protects your patient’s new smile

Why choose The Smilers® Fix retainer ?


  • 2 positioning options to choose as per your convenience,
  • Fast and easy set up,
  • A resistant material,
  • A system ensuring that your patients’ teeth are kept firmly and comfortably in position,
  • A better oral hygiene for your patient,
  • A perfect, maintaining phase for your patients’ orthodontic treatments.


  • Extra-fine (0.4 mm)
  • Custom-made
  • Aesthetically
  • Totally invisible
  • Comfortable


Sales documentation

Smilers® fix leaflet

Download the leaflet

Smilers® fix  Patients leaflet

Download the leaflet

 Manufacturer: Biotech Dental Smilers – 305, Allée de Craponne – 13300 Salon de Provence – France. A French company under the French law with a capital of 125 000 €. Commercial register Salon de Provence: 801 674 375 – SIRET: 801 674 375 00010 – VAT number: FR 93 80 167 437 5. The Smilers® Fix retainers are custom-made medical devices intended to maintain the correction of dental malpositions. Read the instructions carefully. Images are for representation purpose only.


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