Smilers® Expert

Technology for complete control of the orthodontic treatment plan

Offer your patients a 100% French aligner. Make the most of quality, accessibility and precise planning – the hallmark of the Smilers® Expert product portfolio to improve patient comfort and experience.

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a service and a technology to suit your requirements


The Smilers® Expert orthodontic solution has been designed to treat a wide range of orthodontic cases from the simplest to the most complex. It combines an effective planning tool with a high technology production system.
Smilers® Expert allows you to manage and personalise every step of the treatment plan. Thanks to your clinical expertise and advanced software capabilities, each aligner meets the most demanding aspects of your validated treatment plan.

Choose freedom and flexibility


  • An intuitive planning software.
  • Simulation of root movements to predict outcomes more reliably.
  • Custom-made services to suit individual case requirements.
  • At accessible cost.
  • Providing individual support to guide you in your daily practice and answer all your questions.
  • Aligners 100% produced

Smilers® Expert, manage your treatment plan to suit your targets


  • Freedom and flexibility


Personalise your treatment plan with the dedicated software or discuss with a Smilers® Expert specialist to help you reach your targets.


  • Précision


Use the software to display 3D models and obtain a precise analysis to predict movements more efficiently.
– With a face bow and exclusive virtual 3D articulators, gain anatomical direction from working models.
– Using a combination of .DICOM and .STL files, display and segment the roots of the teeth in order to predict movements more efficiently.

“Root segmentation”
exclusive Smilers® Expert technology

Recommend stable treatment over time respecting the bone and periodontium by predicting root movement.



Smilers® Expert Brochure

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 Manufacturer of Smilers® transparent aligners: Biotech Dental Smilers. Class IIa custom-made medical device for dental alignment. Planning software manufacturer: Software Nemotec, S.L. Distributed by Biotech Dental Smilers. Class Im medical device used for virtual orthodontic configuration and planning orthodontic treatments. CE2797. Biotech Dental Smilers: 305, Allées de Craponne – 13300 Salon-de-Provence – France. A simplified company limited by shares (S.A.S.) with a capital of 125 000 € – Corporate and Trade Register of Salon-de-Provence: 801 674 375 – SIRET [business registration number]: 801 674 375 00010 – VAT No.: FR 93 80 167 437 5. Carefully read the instructions. Images are for representation purpose only.


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