Truly committed and dedicated to providing high quality services, with this label, the Biotech Dental Group certifies that its products are Made in France: dental implants, clear aligners and custom-made prosthetic parts. Through this “French Origin Guaranteed” commitment, the group’s objective is as follows:

  • Enhance the group’s industrial base in France
  • To offer dental surgeons and dental laboratories reliable information on the origin and traceability of products
  • To promote the identification of Biotech Dental products and services in the export market
  • To promote the French know-how in the world
Guaranteed France Origin

Guaranteed France Origin

Guaranteed France Origin

It is the only recognised label that certifies the French origin of a product and the value of industrial and artisanal know-how. It is indisputable and concerns all sectors of activity (certification carried out by an independent certification body). Biotech Dental is the only manufacturer of dental implants benefiting from this label and to guarantee the French origin of its products through an official certification.

ISO certified

ISO certified

ISO certified

Biotech Dental is certified to EN ISO 13485:2016 by the notified body GMED (No.0459) for its medical device quality management system. This mark is the guarantee that the products marketed by Biotech Dental meet the European standards of manufacturing, traceability, safety, labelling and packaging. Carried out in the Arve Valley (Rhône-Alpes), the manufacturing procedure of the implantology products is ensured by specialists in the production of dental implants.

The CSR policy of the Biotech Dental Group

Since its creation in 1987, the Biotech Dental Group has based its development on human, social, societal and environmental issues.
An ethical and responsible commitment that translates into concrete daily actions.

Discover the 4 cornerstones of our environmental and social strategy:

Promoting access to dental care

  • Committed to prevention and the oral health of men and women around the world
  • Organize philanthropic actions to provide dental care to disadvantaged populations

Optimising the environmental footprint

  • Member of the Business for Climate Convention
  • Reduce carbon footprint, reduce water use and improve energy efficiency
  • Contribute to carbon absorption by planting trees with Ecotree
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Promoting quality of life at work

  • Guarantee health and safety and quality working conditions
  • Integrate, train and develop skills and talents

Contribute to local dynamism and development

  • Supporting sports, cultural and economic activities mainly in the Southern Region
  • Supporting entrepreneurs from difficult neighbourhoods
  • Building a new generation plant to create jobs in the Salon region