Designing the future of dentistry

Since our founding in 1987, Biotech Dental Group has been committed to developing a strong relationship of trust with dental surgeons, orthodontists and dental laboratories.

Together, we design and develop product ranges that continue to increasingly adapt to the challenges of the future. Our market position is at the crossroads of their expectations, innovation and technology.


With a focus on new technologies, we are constantly diversifying our product offering in order to provide our customers with a global and exclusive
digital solution: design and manufacture of implants and dental prostheses, intra-oral scanner, custom-made transparent retainers
manufactured by innovative digital manufacturing processes as well as an associated training offer.

A wide range of products and solutions for the dental practice.








Creation of the French dental laboratory network Label Dent by Biotech Dental


Acquisition of IDS, the leading supplier of dental implants in North America

“The story of Biotech Dental is one that makes you smile!

Biotech Dental is the story of technology and people. The story of an industrialist who innovates in the service of the dental world so that it is ready to enter an era where it will change more in 10 years than in its previous 130-year history. It is to initiate these changes by allowing dental professionals to keep smiling. It means participating in the magnificent adventures that are the democratisation of implantology, the digital revolution, the emergence of the general practitioner, the personalisation of treatments thanks to data and the arrival of new products and services. It is to take up all these challenges by remembering that all of them start with women and men who give their trust, with a smile, to other women and men who have the heart to give it back, with a smile.

Do you like this story? Does it make you smile?
That’s what we’re here for, to make dental professionals and their clients smile!”

Philippe Veran – President of the Biotech Dental group and Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur (Knight of the Legion of Honour)