Providing excellent care

At the centre of all our actions, we pride ourselves on our ability to satisfy and anticipate the needs of our customers and partners. The first commitment of the Biotech Dental group is to support and serve healthcare professionals and all people using its products and solutions. As an industry leader, we use all of our resources, both human and technological, to design and distribute our products with the utmost efficiency, while meeting the highest regulatory quality standards.

Creating a world of smiles

Biotech Dental is a passionate group, proud to bring a real and lasting improvement to the quality of life of patients. To do so, we offer a complete range of implant, orthodontic, digital, regenerative and esthetic solutions to treat the greatest number of patients.
Whatever the patient’s needs, from the simplest to the most complex: to be able to speak again, smile or eat properly, we offer the product that allows effective care in complete safety.


By proposing a global offer, tailor-made and adapted to all, we embody a new vision of your business. More human and innovative, which is positioned as a pioneer of dentistry 3.0. From design to manufacturing, we are able to meet the expectations of dentists, orthodontists and prosthetists. An exclusively French production line in our own sites, which promotes French know-how. An integrated process allowing total control and responsibility for our products, with the added bonus of transparency. This is what we call human intelligence.


The Biotech Dental Group invests significantly in Research & Development to meet the highest standards of quality, offer innovative solutions and thus reveal the contours of the dental world of tomorrow.

Working closely with industry, academia, institutions, healthcare professionals and patients, Biotech Dental engineers and clinical experts respond to and anticipate needs, always keeping in mind the context and constraints of the application.

A permanent quest for innovation that allows us to be as close as possible to the reality of today and tomorrow.